Why HomoeoCARE is the Best Homeopathic Clinic for a Child?

Discover gentle and natural care for your child at our trusted homeopathic clinic.
  • Dr. Pravin Jain
  • December 07, 2021

Belonging to a vulnerable age group, children are prone to a number of diseases that need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible so that their health issues don’t aggravate in the future. HomoeoCARE, which is home to some of the best homeopathy doctors in Dadar and other places, has a specially designed ‘Child Observation Room’ (COR) in all of its clinics. This unique facility is the first of its kind in the world, offering a scientific way to study every child’s nature, which is the precursor to starting an apt homeopathic treatment course to cure their health problems.


Here is why facilities like COR make HomoeoCARE the best homeopathic clinic for a child:


  • Provides a happy, stress-free experience to the child

Taking your child to visit the doctor is usually a stressful affair, both for you as well as for them. The Child Observation Room or COR at HomoeoCARE does things differently by providing children with a happy and enjoyable experience in the clinic. These rooms have an array of games, toys, drawing material, and more to allow every child to indulge in the activity of their choice. The manner in which a child plays with a particular toy, or the way in which he or she colours a drawing says a lot about the child’s temperament. This allows HomoeoCARE’s efficient doctors to accurately assess the child’s natural personality without stressing them out.


  • Helps to gauge the energy level of the child

Different children possess a different set of skills and talents, and the COR provides an excellent platform for every child to showcase them in a happy and playful environment. While the child is engaged in a particular activity, the doctors keenly observe all of his or her actions and reactions through hidden cameras. This makes it easier for them to determine the energy level of every child, so that they can devise a personalised homeopathy treatment plan accordingly that is best suited to the child’s needs. HomoeoCARE prescribes effective homeopathic medicine for autism and several other health problems affecting children.


  • Exposure to different stimuli and corresponding reactions

The main intention of COR is to let every child be completely relaxed and at ease, so that they are not overwhelmed by the typical idea of visiting a doctor’s clinic. Once the child gets comfortable in a COR, HomoeoCARE doctors subject them to different stimuli to note and analyse their spontaneous reactions. These stimuli comprise certain stress situations like asking the child’s mother or father to leave the room, or snatching their favourite toy from their hand, or showing them scary things. The way a particular child reacts under these circumstances further helps the doctors to better understand the nuances of the child’s personality.

Dr. Pravin Jain, who is considered the best homeopathic doctor in Mumbai and also in other cities, says that COR is an excellent platform to recognise your child’s individuality. This enables HomoeoCARE’s doctors to get to the underlying root of the problem and to provide the suitable homeopathic remedy for the child’s health issues.

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