Common Allergy Related Question Answered

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  • Dr. Pravin Jain
  • July 22, 2021

Common Allergy Related Questions Answered


Allergies come in many shapes and sizes and can occur through food, environmental factors, exposure to animals, etc.  Despite the availability of many treatments like injections, sprays, etc, the number of people with allergies continues to rise every year. To combat this trend, people must be aware of allergies, how they happen, can they be cured, does allopathic or homeopathic medicine for allergies work and many such questions.

Listed below are a few common questions about allergies and their answers that will give you a clear picture of the disease.

How does a person develop allergies?

Our body's immune system generates different antibodies to protect us from any kind of illness including allergies. These antibodies protect allergic individuals from allergens like pollen, dander, food products, etc.

But repeated exposures to the allergen can cause recurrent overreactions of the immune system. This is why the person may experience sneezing, coughing, sniffing, congestion, and many other allergic symptoms. As antibodies respond to a specific type of allergen,  you can be allergic to one or two types of foods or pollen and not be allergic to others.

At what age does a person develop allergies?

 Allergic reactions can occur at any stage of life, from infancy, childhood to even adulthood. 

 Can allergies be prevented?

Unfortunately, allergies can’t be prevented because you cannot predict what can cause you an allergy, and hence it is difficult to avoid that allergen. While it’s not possible to prevent allergies, they can be cured soon after their onset through various treatments. One of the most effective treatments one can opt for is homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines for allergies have proven to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

What Are Adult-Onset Allergies?

 Adult-onset allergies are those allergy symptoms that occur anywhere in a person's 20s to their senior years like 70 or 80 years old. Adult-onset allergies can occur due to many factors like

  • Exposure to new allergens in the environment.
  • Family history of allergies.
  • Changes in the person's immune system.


How to treat adult-onset allergies?

If you believe you have developed allergies, make sure to avoid contact with any suspected allergen. Also, consult an allergist as soon as possible. If the allergist confirms an allergy, work with them to develop a treatment plan. Allergy treatments in homeopathy are now opted by a majority of people to cure a wide spectrum of allergies because of the benefits it offers- no side effects, long term solutions and more.

What are the most common allergens?

 Pollen and dander are the two allergens that are often associated with allergies. However, the other allergen that affects a majority of people is food. The three foods that have been found to trigger the most allergies are peanuts, shellfish, and tree nuts.

 The onset of allergies can happen at any stage of your life, and it is best to detect them in their early stages. Dr Pravin Jain, one of the best homeopathy doctors in Dadar, Mumbai, believes that homeopathy can treat allergies at their root. HomoeoCARE offers the best treatments through homeopathy for a variety of allergies. Book your appointment now and end allergy tensions forever.








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