Homeopathic Treatment for Dyslexia

What is Dyslexia?

Spelling mistake? Reading difficulty? Math difficulty?
Think of "Tare Zameen Par" and Ishan, the little boy who was poor academically, but good at drawing. He could not manage to write well. Words danced in front of his eyes. No one understood why he could not score well like others in his class. Was punishing him or sending to hostel a solution? No.
The learning disability from which such children suffer is known as dyslexia. It is defined as "a disorder manifested by difficulty in learning to read despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence and socio-cultural opportunity."

Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia

difficulty in learning and remembering printed words. Such patients also suffer from the problem of letter reversal like b for d, p for q, n for u and number reversals such as 6 for 9 and changed order of letters in words 'tar' for 'rat', 'quite' for 'quiet') or numbers 12 for 21 and phonetic errors like 'grane' for 'grain'.
While reading they also find it difficult to either leave out or insert words and experience confusing vowel sounds or substituting one consonant for another. They also experience persistent spelling errors and difficulty in writing.


A series of tests are conducted with the help of a clinical psychologist who helps in interpreting the result.
The other approach is to use those methods that are believed to be sound and the child needs extra time and attention. This includes tutorial sessions with the hope that the child would be encouraged to rely on his own special abilities to overcome the difficulties being experienced by him. They also try to resolve the specific educational and psychological problems that interfere in the learning process of the child.
In fact, there is no permanent solution and the child begins to feel frustrated with such an experimentation and therapies.

HomoeoCARE's Approach

The children who suffer from dyslexia, have their brain functioning faster than the normal child. This means that their thought process is faster than normal. Usually these children are poor ‘academically’, but their intitutive power is more than that of a normal child. Traditional medicines slow the brain and in the end the child is good for nothing, whereas at HomoeoCARE we appreciate the qualities of such children and educate the parents not to stress the child or be harsh with the child for his spelling mistakes, but accept the problem of the child.
With our unique analysis of the the child’s nature by analysing his drawings we identify the positive traits of the child and then discuss the issue with parents and then give him appropriate remedy which helps the child to concentrate on reading and writing. It is our multi pronged approach to treat such children.
What more happiness can a parent get than seeing his child grow into a dazzling star?

HomoeoCARE's Success

We have successfully treated cases of dyslexia coming to our clinics.
A 12-and-a-half year old child diagnosed with dyslexia came to us. Soon after starting treatment with us, his parents and teachers observed remarkable changes in him. His concentration level improved considerably. He started doing his homework on his own whereas earlier he had to be forced. He started making less spelling mistakes and therefore his grades in class also improved. His father who stays away for work, when came during holidays, was surprised to note the positive changes in his child.

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