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What is Hemangioma?

Hemangioma are tumors of blood vessels, which are scary to see and parents fear they will burst to lead to bleeding. In this article, we will remove this myth and show how homeopathic treatment of Hemangioma is successful

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Haemangioma is a benign (non-cancerous) condition affecting cutaneous blood vessels. It is also known as proliferative haemangioma because it is due to proliferating endothelial cells; these are the cells that line blood vessels. However, Hemangioma which is present at the time of birth is not true hemangiomas but is called Capillary Vascular malformations.

The fact that some online casino players are now being treated for hemangioma is shocking. Hemangioma is a common vascular tumor of the head and neck. This is usually a soft, reddish area that can become inflamed. Many fastest payout online casino canada players are treated, and in some cases successfully. There are several causes of this condition, including genetics, environment, and family history.

Signs and Symptoms of Hemangioma

Types of Hemangiomas

Two types of capillary vascular malformations

  1. Salmon patch:
    They are usually small flat patches of pink or red skin with poorly defined borders and commonly found at the nape of the neck, or forehead, or on the eyelids.
  2. Port-wine stain:
    It is usually a large flat patch of purple or dark red skin with well-defined borders. At birth the surface of the port-wine stain is flat, but in time it becomes bumpy and often more unsightly. The face is most commonly affected although it can occur anywhere on the body. Where present, they generally appear on one side of the body with a sharp mid-line cut-off.

salmon patch



Conventional treatment of Hemangioma

These are cosmetically treated with pulsed dye laser, but the treatment is not always successful. The risk of these hemangiomas is that can bleed after trauma. Medically sometimes the child is pt on anticoagulant therapy to prevent clots. Sometimes surgical intervention is sought which is also not successful.

Top 8 Homeopathic medicines for Hemangioma

There are numerous Homeopathic medicines for Hemangioma. However, these are the top 8 homeopathic medicines for Hemangioma.

  • Flouric Acid
  • Thuja
  • Phosphorus
  • Lachesis
  • Acetic Acid
  • Calcarea Flour
  • Radon
  • Hamamelis

These are just a few indicated homeopathic medicines for Hemangioma. A piece of advice from a professional homeopathic doctor near you is always recommended to achieve the best homeopathic treatment for Hemangioma.

Top 8 Homeopathic medicines for Hemangioma

HomoeoCARE's Approach

When the child is prescribed constitutional treatment based on his innate characteristics, hemangioma is treated very successfully with homeopathy. HomoeoCARE has good results in the homeopathic treatment of hemangioma.

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HomoeoCARE's Success

Case: Child PP was having a big hemangioma on the right side of hands, which disappeared completely after homeopathic treatment of hemangioma at HomoeoCARE.

Case: Child S who was suffering from both internal and external hemangioma, responded nicely to the homeopathic treatment of Hemangioma. First, her internal hemangiomas were cured, and her risk for internal hemorrhage was grossly reduced. Then her external hemangiomas started disappearing, and her face which was looking disfigured, almost disappeared, (a tiny part is still remaining, which will also reduce over a period of few years) and her face is looking very pretty now.

Case: Child HB had a big hemangioma on the left side of the scalp, it was so bright and big that the parents were very scared to send her out for fear of bleeding due to accidental trauma. However, after starting homeopthic treatment of hemangioma at HomoeoCARE, almost 80% of the patch is better and the child now plays with her peers without any hesitation.

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