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PCOD Diagram
  • Pravin Jain
  • December 19, 2019

What are Ovaries?

These are female reproductive organs situated in the pelvis, next to the uterus. They produce and release eggs for fertilization.Uterus and ovaries icon in cartoon style isolated on white background. Gynecology symbol

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOD is a disease of females which occurs during reproductive age. It has fluid-filled capsulated structure called cyst within the ovaries with symmetrically enlarged ovaries. Multiple follicles are accumulated without ovulation in the ovaries.  Over the period of many months, as ovum is not thrown out with menses, it remains in the ovaries and fluid collection starts around it which turns into cysts.

How to detect PCOD in females?

If any female having the following signs and symptoms, she may be suffering from PCOD which needs treatment.

  1. Irregular, scanty or no menses.
  2. Obesity
  3. Acne with menstrual irregularities
  4. Unwanted hair growth on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, breast, thighs, abdomen.
  5. Infertility (not able to have children)
  6. Black pigmentation around the neck, folds of skin, knuckles, elbows, below breast, groins.

These females are at high risk of developing the following diseases

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Diabetes
  3. High levels of cholesterol & triglycerides; making them more vulnerable to heart problems.
  4. Uterine cancer
  5. Early miscarriage.
  6. Mental depression due to unwanted hair growth on the face & infertility.

How HomoeoCARE can help such patients

We at HomoeoCARE help patients to get rid of this tendency of going into cyst formation every month. We also reduce and eventually help to disappear all cysts from the ovaries thus helping them to get regular menses to reduce weight and get acne-free face. HomoeoCARE returns their confidence as they are free from their unwanted hair growth and are able to conceive. We save their motherhood which is a gift from God.

Why only HomoeoCARE

We follow the individualistic approach in Homoeopathy as each patient is different from others physically and mentally. Medicine chosen after a long study of the case denotes that patient’s personality in terms of her physical constitution, mental makeup, emotional status and her mental stress factors, which have put her in this disease, have been taken into consideration. It makes this medicine absolutely suite her in all the aspects and so works wonders to bring her back to her health. Even though PCOD is known to cause due to genetic predispositions, we still can treat these tendencies. Also, PCOD is known in patients with heavy mental stress. After the administration of Homoeopathic medicines, patients come out of their disease. Although the same stress factors are around them, patients do not get affected by them easily to cause the disease. So it’s a complete ‘care’ by ‘Homoeopathy’ at “HomoeoCARE.”

The Cure rate in PCOD cases

We at HomoeoCARE are striving for excellence and better results. Despite the accepted fact in medicine faculty that cure in each and every case is sometimes not possible due to various factors, we still are trying to achieve a good percentage of results thus offering a good cure rate. Since the past 25 years, we have helped hundreds of patients with PCOD. The reverse study of these cured cases have helped us now to fine-tune our approach, and today we are proud to claim that the HomoeoCARE has the best homeopathic treatment for PCOD. Our scientific research and artificial intelligence of studying the past cured cases has helped to achieve this success.

What is the guarantee of cure?

Individual results do vary because cure depends upon many factors. However, from our past experiences and research, we have achieved a success rate of almost 58.7 % in PCOD cases. So you can consult doctors at HomoeoCARE with reports who can guide you about your recovery.

If you want to know your PCOD status take a PCOD test.

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