What Are the Causes of Sudden Allergies in Adults?

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  • Dr. Pravin B. Jain
  • September 06, 2022
Even though allergies are often thought of as something that happens to children, many people have them for the first time as adults. Recent studies show that about half of the people with allergies had their first allergic reaction as adults. You can consult HomoeoCARE’s experienced homeopathic doctor in Goregaon or other locations if you are afflicted with any kind of allergies. 
So you can get allergies as an adult even if you've never had a problem with pollen or other allergens before. Researchers don't know why a person's immune system reacts so quickly to an allergen, but the following things could be to blame: 
Causes of Sudden Allergies in Adulthood 
  • Allergic reactions in the family Allergies seem to be passed down through genes and may only show up at certain ages or in response to certain things. 
  • Lack of exposure during childhood Your immune system must be exposed to specific pathogens to build up defences against them. Because you used too many antibacterial or cleaning products at home when you were young, you may not have been exposed to enough germs to cause an allergy. Some research shows that if you take too many antibiotics as a child, you may be more likely to get allergies as an adult.
  • Changes in your environment If you move to a new place with different plants, pollution, or weather, you may be exposed to allergens that you weren't used to before. Sadly, no one knows what causes these immune system triggers, but they happen often. Even though some people have milder symptoms that don't bother them as much and don't get diagnosed for years, many people get full-blown allergies as adults. What Are the Signs of Allergies That Start in Adulthood
  • Over time, allergy symptoms can worsen, and sometimes they can also be fatal. Here are some common warning signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for:
  • An allergy could cause a stuffy or runny nose due to something in the air, like pollen, dust, or pet dander.
  • If allergens like pollen or parts of a new eye ointment get into the eyes, they can cause itchy, swollen eyes.
  • Urticaria, a red and white raised rash that looks like nettle rash and goes away after a few minutes, is almost always a sign that you ate something that caused an allergic reaction.
  • Lip, tongue and facial swelling are among the rarest but most dangerous allergic reactions. It can happen very quickly.
  • It could be caused by eating certain foods (like peanuts or shellfish), taking certain medicines, or getting stung by a wasp.
  • In extreme cases, it may quickly kill the person and lead to anaphylactic shock - in which the throat and airways expand and breathing becomes challenging. It needs to be taken care of right away by a doctor. 
You should visit a doctor immediately if you see any of the above signs. HomoeoCARE has the best homeopathy doctors in Vashi and other places who can address all your allergy issues with precision. 
Dr. Pravin Jain, one of the well-known homeopathy doctors in Mumbai, India, says that you should get yourself checked immediately if you have any of the above signs. You can then get the best care for your problem from a top homeopathic doctor in Bhandup or at one of the other branches of HomoeoCARE near you.

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