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Why Homeopathy

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Someone who is interested to take homeopathic medicines for the first time, has lots of question in his mind.

  • What is homeopathy?
  • What are the side effects of homeopathy?
  • Is homeopathy effective?
  • Does homeopathy work?
  • How to select best homeopathic doctor?

When your family member is suffering from an illness, you try to help him in best possible way and then the first choice is to take him to an allopathic doctor. However when you don't get the desired result, your illness recur again after initial relief, and you are dissatisfied with allopathic medicines you try to search for an alternative solution, and then you stumble on the word homeopathy.

Meaning your child has asthma, you take him to a regular doctor, he gives him medicines, his asthma is better temporarily, but again after some time the asthma recurs again. Now the doctor suggests him to avoid cold things, avoid various food items, etc. and you are worried why doesn't the asthma gets cured. That's the time someone tell you to try homeopathy for permanent cure.


In today's fast paced world, more and more people are suffering from serious and complicated diseases. Inspite of tremendous success of modern medicine, human being is still suffering from incurable diseases. A simple disease like allergy is still remains to be completely cured by modern medicines. What maximum is achieved by modern medicines is "controlling" of the diseases. Hence we term modern medicine (allopathy) as "Controllo-pathy".

What to do

We have 2 choices. Either continue taking allopathic medicines for life long and try to control the disease. Or take a positive step towards eradicating the disease from its roots.

Eradicating disease!!!

Yes, it is possible with Homoeopathy. Even if you don't believe its worthwhile to give a try to this fantastic science.

THE GENESIS - From Cough and Colds to Cancers

The system of Homoeopathy is being practiced for more than two centuries with remedies even for the maladies considered to be incurable with the conventional system of medicine. We have positive results for cases from simple cold and cough to cancers. Yet there are questions about the mystical cures being provided by this time tested system of medicine. As the system of homoeopathy is fast gaining ground, it is high time to take the lid off myths and reveal its mysteries in the larger interest of ailing mankind.


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