Homeopathic treatment for Wheat Allergy

What is Wheat Allergy?

This is the body’s immune response to Gluten, which is a prominent allergen in wheat, barley, and oats. Once exposed to these allergens, the body’s immune system produces an allergic response. Symptoms of wheat allergy include respiratory distress, gastrointestinal disturbances, and urticaria. Some people who are exposed to wheat products can show signs of contact dermatitis.

Conventional treatment for Wheat Allergy

Patients suffering from wheat allergies and coeliac disease are advised a gluten-free diet for a lifetime. This is very discouraging for those who eat products made of wheat.

HomoeoCARE's Approach

The homeopathic approach to wheat allergy is to bring back into order the disturbed immunity of the body. It builds up the body’s immune system in such a way that you enjoy your favorite wheat products without any fear.

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HomoeoCARE's Success

Once the treatment for wheat allergy starts, regular monitoring of the Ttg level is done. After every 3 – 6 months the levels are checked. Not only Ttg, but the Hb and weight of the patient also begin to improve soon after taking the medicine. Once this occurs, the patient is gradually put on a gluten diet, which is easily digested by his system. With the conventional treatment, no person sensitive to wheat can ever take wheat for a lifetime but classical homoeopathy, being practiced at HomoeoCARE makes it possible.

A 7-year old child diagnosed with wheat allergy came to HomoeoCARE after having lost hope of being cured. Her tTG level (this test is positive in cases of gluten sensitivity) being 15 IU/ml, she was even passing stool mixed with blood. After treatment from HomoeoCARE, her life changed for the better. Her tTG level came back to normal and within a year her medicines were stopped. She is now enjoying wheat products and for her it’s a dream come true.

A 10-year old child with tTG 50IU/ml came to us and was successfully treated. His tTg level came down to 3.72IU/ml.

Another 4-year old child with tTG 99.30 IU/ml was also successfully treated at HomoeoCARE. His tTG level came down to 0.49U/ml in less than a year. He is enjoying gluten diet without any rise in his tTG level.

A 11-year old child was successfully treated for coeliac disease. Her tTG level came down from 245.4U/ml to 1.42 U/ml with homoeopathic treatment at HomoeoCARE.

A 6-year old child came to us with tTg 49.2U/ml. Within 4 months of treatment at HomoeoCARE, her tTg level came down to 7.54U/ml.

At HomoeoCARE it was a joy for us to see how happy these patients and their family members were when they heard that they, like everyone, can enjoy wheat products.

What better than this can one ask for?

Statistics for wheat allergy cases at HomoeoCARE : We have got encouraging results with our treatment to those suffering from wheat allergy.

Out of a total of 136 patients registered for treatment of wheat allergy at Homoeocare, 81 of them were cured and their normal health was restored. However, 17 patients somehow discontinued their treatment for various reasons. As many as 38 of them are still under treatment. Also, Hb level of 24 such patients has improved.

Wheat Allergy Success with Homeopathy


Now only with HomoeoCARE you can say yes to wheat

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