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HomoeoCARE: Innovative Pediatric Homeopathy Clinic with Child Observation Room

HomoeoCARE, a pediatric homeopathy clinic, sets itself apart with a unique Child Observation Room (COR) in each of its branches. The COR is the first of its kind in the world and offers a scientific approach to understanding a child's nature, which is vital for a guaranteed cure by homoeopathy.

The COR is specially designed to observe the physical and mental characteristics of each child, providing a unique environment with a wide range of toys, games, drawing materials, and more. Children are free to play in any way they like, allowing their inborn sense of wonder to thrive and rediscover the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world they live in.

Through a child's choice of toys and play style, their temperament can be assessed. For example, one child may run around and make noises while playing with a toy gun, while another may stand still and repeatedly press the trigger. A child who colours without crossing the boundary lines and who can draw from their imagination shows artistic or creative talent. The shades of colours used can also reveal the child's nature. Sitting style, confidence level, and other behaviours are also observed and analyzed.

While the child is in the COR, the homeopathic doctor observes them through hidden cameras, taking note of each action and reaction. The doctor subjects the child to stressful situations such as showing them ghosts, snatching their toy, or asking their mother to leave the room to understand their personality and temperament. Each child reacts differently, providing valuable insights for selecting the right remedy and boosting their confidence.


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This innovative concept is similar to the Hindi film 'Tare Zameen Par,' where Aamir Khan played the role of a caring teacher who discovered the hidden artistic talent of a dyslexic child.


In conclusion, HomoeoCARE's COR not only helps doctors find the right remedy for a child but also boosts their confidence and reveals unknown secrets and skills. It is an innovative approach to pediatric homeopathy that sets HomoeoCARE apart from other clinics.

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