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Every Branch of HomoeoCARE is equipped with uniquely designed Child observation Room (COR) which is first of its kind in the world. This is the most scientific way to understand the childs nature, which is very vital for a guaranteed Cure by homoeopathy. And HomoeoCARE boast itself for developing a unique concept of COR.

To understand these physical and mental characters of each and every child, we at HomoeoCARE have specially designed, unique in itself, COR (Child Observation Room) where wide range of toys, games, drawing material etc are kept and the child is free to play with whatever he/she likes. The child is allowed to be happy in his/her own way. Complete care is taken to provide the child with such an environment so as to keep alive his/her inborn sense of wonder that helps him/her in rediscovering the joy, excitement and mystery of the world he/she lives in.

The toy he/she picks up, the way he/she plays with it depicts his/her temperament.

For example: One child may run in the whole room and make some weird noises while playing with the gun where as the other may stand at one place and keep on pressing the trigger but another child may be busy riding a car. This helps in judging the energy level of the child.

A child who colors properly without crossing the boundary lines and who can draw something out of his/her imagination shows his artistic or creativity talent. Even the shades of the colors that the child uses help in depicting his/her nature. Some children may sit on rocking chair carelessly while others may sit cautiously. Some children may come and directly start speaking on loudspeaker showing their level of confidence.

While the child is at his/her best in COR, the homeopathic doctor on the other hand observes the child through the hidden cameras and notes each and every action and reaction of the child.

When the child is comfortable in this new but his/her natural environment, the doctor subjects him/her to certain stress situations and tries to elicit his/her reaction like showing him ghosts or snatching the toy from his/her hands or asking mother to leave the room. Each child reacts differently to these stimuli. These reactions help in understanding the personality and temperament of the child.

This concept can be easily understood through Hindi film 'Tare Zameen Par' where Aamir Khan plays a role of caring, understanding and loving teacher who brings forth the hidden artistic talent of Ishaan, the dyslexic child. COR not only helps the doctor to find the right remedy for your little one but also helps in boosting his/her confidence and bringing forth his/her unknown secrets and skills.

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