Dr. Bhumika Jain

Senior doctor at HomoeoCARE Dadar

Dr. Bhumika Jain is a dedicated homoeopathic doctor with a proven track record of providing patient comfort and satisfaction. She possesses exceptional knowledge of homoeopathic principles and procedures and is committed to providing patients with the best medical services.


Dr. Bhumika Jain has over 6-7 years of experience in the field of homoeopathy. She has worked for 4-5 years at HomoeoCARE and is currently working as a Homoeopathic physician and Senior Consultant at the same clinic. She passed out from the prestigious CMP homeopathic medical college in Mumbai.


About Myself

About Myself

About Myself

Dr. Bhumika Jain has excellent communication skills and is adept at interacting with patients in a friendly and approachable manner, encouraging them to discuss their problems openly. Dr. Jain is also skilled at working with pediatric cases, including handling children, actively listening to parents, and relieving their anxiety. Her observational skills allow her to detect any abnormalities or differences in the patient's condition.

Dr. Bhumika Jain is committed to her patients' health and well-being and accepts full responsibility for their care.

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