Case study of Successful Treatment of Alopecia Areata by Homeopathy

Overcoming Alopecia Areata: A Homeopathic Success Story of Anopecia areata in Goregaon, mumbai"

Alopecia areata is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by the sudden loss of hair and can be emotionally distressing for sufferers. Mrs. AR, a 41-year-old woman residing in the western suburb of Malad in Mumbai, was one such sufferer. In July 2004, she came to HomoeoCARE for homeopathic treatment for her alopecia areata.

Diagnosis of Alopecia areata:

Two Patches of Baldness on the Head

On examination, it was found that Mrs. AR had two patches of baldness on her head, one of which was larger (almost 5 cm in size) and the other smaller (almost 1.5 cm in size). After enquiring about her stress, it was revealed that she had experienced a significant traumatic event in the form of property disputes with her in-laws, which led to her being thrown out of her house. This stress appeared to have triggered her sudden hair loss and the development of alopecia areata within just 3 months.

The Journey to Recovery: Gradual Reduction of Alopecia Spots

The homeopathic treatment for Mrs. AR's alopecia areata was started at HomoeoCARE. Within 8 months, her alopecia spots disappeared gradually. It was noted that the patch on the scalp disappeared first, followed by the patch on the occiput, which is in line with Hering's law of cure. This law is an important guideline in homeopathic treatment, as it ensures that the cure follows a natural order and is not suppressed, which would result in temporary improvement.


Alopecia areata can be a distressing condition for sufferers, but there is hope. HomoeoCARE's homeopathic treatment approach has proven to be highly effective in treating alopecia areata, as demonstrated by Mrs. AR's success story. If you're suffering from alopecia areata, consider seeking the help of a homeopathic practitioner to find a personalized solution for your condition.

Homoeopathic Treatment for Alopecia Areata


Homoeopathic Treatment for Alopecia Areata



This case demonstrates the success of homeopathy in treating alopecia areata. Modern medicine prescribes steroidal injections in such cases, where the results are quicker, but in most cases, they return with bigger patches, or the patient suffers from some other deep-seated illness. Whereas Homeopathy treats the problem from roots by finding the cause which is most of the time due to mental stress and hence the results are long-lasting. This lady did not have any other patch for the last 13 years. Her search for the best homeopathic clinic in Mumbai ended with the successful restoration of her hair.

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