Dr. Pravin Jain

Dr. Pravin B. Jain, Director of HomoeoCARE, a chain of pediatric clinics, has done a phenomenal work in the domain of child treatment. Inspired by his special interest in Child Psychology, he deals with pediatric cases with much ease. His famous book “Essentials of Pediatrics” has enabled thousands of homeopaths all over the world to successfully handle pediatric cases. His professionalism is aptly reflected in his dedication, enthusiasm for homeopathy and the manner in which he treats his pediatric patients. With consistent clinical success since the last 22 years, he is becoming increasingly known overseas and is popularly known as the ‘Homeopathic Pediatrician'.


    He has been a former faculty member of Predictive Homeopathy and has been practicing homeopathy for the last twenty two years. He is a multifaceted personality who has definitely changed the perception of common man towards homeopathy. He has authored various books:

  • Essentials of pediatrics
  • Easy and simple remedy keynotes
  • Encyclopedia of Mind as it is
  • Encyclopedia of repertory- part I and part II
  • Essence of Pediatric Materia Medica


To replicate the success of his cases, Dr. Pravin initiated an exclusive chain of pediatric homeopathic clinics in the name of

big brand in Homeopathy

The first branch of HomoeoCARE was started in 2006 at Matunga (Mumbai), followed by branches in Chandigarh (2007), Ludhiana (2008), Jallandhar (2008), Panipat (2009), Solan (2009), Patiala (2010), Sirhind (2010), Bhandup (2012), Delhi (2014), Gurgoan (2015), Shimla (2016), Mandi (2016), Amritsar (2016), Hoshiarpur (2016), Dharamshala (2016), where cases are treated based on his specially designed formula of handling children. Each clinic bears specially designed Child Observation Room (COR),which boosts of a wide range of toys, games, drawing materials etc and the child is free to play with whatever he/she likes. While the child is at his/her best in COR, the doctor on the other hand observes the child through the hidden cameras and notes every action and reaction of the child. This helps in understanding the personality and temperament of the child in order to find the right similimum for that child. Many homeopaths who are worried about their child’s health seek Dr. Jain’s advice in these clinics, where classical homeopathy with clinical psychology is nurtured at its best. In the past 22 years, almost 100000 patients have been successfully treated in his clinics.


As a philanthropist, his trust namely ‘Sanjeevani Medical Foundation’ aims at offering free treatment to the underprivileged section of the society. He is the Patron Trustee of The Rajasthan Medical Society and Research Centre, which runs a 150 bedded charitable hospital in Rajasthan. He has organized and conducted numerous camps in different parts of rural India and is contributing to make homeopathy reach the masses. In his words“no one on this earth should be deprived of the benefits of this magnificent science just because he is poor, or lives in a village.”

Technological wizard

Quiet, unassuming and a skillful person that he is, his sound Homeopathic knowledge coupled with his computer skills have propelled various websites like Predictive homeopathy and IIHP (Mumbai) to great heights. He had conceptualised the famous www.predictivehomeopathy.com, which puts Predictive homeopathy into cyberspace and enables it to cross national and international barriers. He has worked arduously to make homeopathy known to the common man and reach out homeopaths with a vast source of information.

Administrative skill

He has proved his organizational skills by organizing few of the finest events in homeopathy where he has managed huge gatherings of more than one thousand people like at Birla Matushree, Kolhapur etc. The prestigious Vigyan Bhavan seminar at New Delhi will be long remembered in the Indian history of homeopathy as for the first time one thousand and four hundred delegates gathered to attend any homeopathic seminar. He is also the sole guiding pillar for all the national and international level workshops of Predictive Homeopathy held at Mahableshwar.

Truly, Dr. Pravin Jain is a born genius! He is a talented doctor, a great author and an equally competitive technocrat who also has the capability of evaluating uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information. He works enthusiastically for the advancement of Homeopathy.

Dr. Muktinder Singh

A senior homeopath and a great mentor in homeopathic education, Dr. Muktinder Singh is a well-known name in national and international circle. This strong fighter has struggled and succeeded against many odds in his life. Specialized in repertorisation, he has a vast experience of handling acute and chronic cases while in his practice. He has proved himself many times by treating incurable cases successfully. The eminent personality has a special experience of dealing with cases of cancer, auto immune disorders, psychiatric cases and pediatric pathologies. He has promoted homeopathy successfully and has the credit of establishing many clinics in North India. Along with homeopathy, his religious and spirituals faith has helped him to emerge as a great councilor. His treatment not only cures the disease but also help patients to evolve as a better human being. Currently, he is working as a homeopath, an MD guide and a senior educationalist. He has taught in many homeopathic institutions as well. He along with Dr Pravin Jain is the main trainer of HomoeoCARE staff.

Dr. Randeep Nanda

Dr. Randeep Nanda MD(Hom) is a dynamic, vibrant and enthusiastic homeopath practicing since last twenty years in Chandigarh. He possesses strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude. He has excellent dedicated work ethics.

He was a faculty member in the Department of Repertory in Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh. Having passed from the same institute, he understands the difficulties faced by young budding doctors, so he has a genuine desire to impart the knowledge to them what he believes to be valuable. He is a great devoted teacher who inspires his students by awakening in them, their own expectations by not mere telling, explaining or demonstrating them but involving the students in the process of understanding the concepts of homeopathy and treating patients. He aspires all his students to rise in life much beyond him so that tomorrow he is called their student and not their teacher.

He has been invited by various organizations in India and abroad to deliver lectures on Homeopathy and his lively presentations enthrall the audience.

He is a member of many professional organizations like Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians where he was National Joint Secretary North Zone.

Dr. Randeep Nanda is known to have one of the finest organizational skills making the seminars or events a great success. He managed a crowd of one thousand and four hundred delegates at prestigious Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi in so well planned and systemized manner that it is worth appreciating.

He was honored by Department of Homeopathic Medical Sciences, Pebble Hills University, Italy in collaboration with Homeopathic Medical Association (United Kingdom) for the contribution in the field of Homeopathic Education. As a Pearl of Homeopathy for spirited help for the cause of Homeopathy . Dr Yudhvir Singh Award 2007 was conferred upon him by the Board of Homeopathic system of Medicine Delhi in recognition of meritorious services rendered for the cause of homeopathy at New Delhi on 29th April 2007.

He was one of the Directors of the international homeopathic journal, The Similitude that promotes Hahnemanian Homeopathy. Also, being an Associate Editor of the same magazine, he manages time for its editing and publishing in spite of his busy schedule of teaching and attending patients.

He is the CEO of HomoeoCARE….. The big brand in homeopathy. His passion to do something in Homeopathy made it possible to open 15 exclusive pediatric clinics all over India under the brand name of HomoeoCARE and treating almost 15000 patients annually across the globe.

He loves traveling, meeting new people knowing about their ideas, views, thoughts and cultures. Above all, he is a great artist who has a capability of animating anything that is lifeless.

Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, doing what is impossible for the talent is genius proves true for Dr Randeep Nanda who had put his heart, mind, intellect and soul for the upliftment of the status Homeopathy.

Dr R S Sodhi

He is a young, dynamic, ambitious Homeopath working enthusiastically to improvise the patient's experience in clinics. Having good management skills along with good knowledge of classical homeopathy, he is instrumental in growth of Homoeocare in north India. He has completed his education from ABHOR Homeopathic Medical College. Presently he is heading Jallandhar Branch and handling administration and accounts of all the Clinics.

what patients say about us

I have been pretty happy with the treatment of my daughter. After joining HomoeoCARE, I am delighted to find that her height has significantly improved in span of 18 months. Thanks to HomoeoCARE for their approach of treatment and much appreciated.

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I started my treatment from HomoeoCARE in August 2015. I was facing lot of problems, then homoeocare doctors treated me so well. Dr Nancy helped a lot and now my problem has been decreased. Earlier I was facing hair problems, then I started treatment and my problem has been finished. I was also having eyes problem .My eyes were so dry and now the dryness has been decreased. I was also having breathing problem and now it has been controlled. I am very happy with HomoeoCARE. They treated me so well, their doctors listened my every problem.

-Davinder Kaur

Doctors are really good, prompt action whenever i called in any emergency situation.

Homeocare really make my life easier as my both kids improved their immunity with medicine, fully satisfactory treatment.

-Divashi and Akshan

Jyotsana pehle kaafi jyada bimar rehti thi jaise fever, cold, cough, vomiting, skin problem, eyes problem takreeban saari hi bimariyaan thi . Kariban 1 month se ye sab kuch nahi hai, Jab se homoeocare me aaye hai. pehle khane pine me bhi muskil thi lekin ab thoda theek hai. Umer ke sath bimariyaan kam hone ki bjaye increase ho rahi thi . Lekin yahaan aane par kaafi fark padha hai . Pehle inhaler nebulizer 6-7 baar dena pdta tha lekin ab kareeb 1-1.5 mahine se nahi diya hai, pehle balgam bahut banta tha lekin ab aisa nahi hai. sneezing and cough bhi lagbag kam hi hai.

Thanks to HomoeoCARE