Infected Psoriasis Treatment: A Homeopathic Success Story

How homeopathic treatment to help in psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The condition is characterized by red, itchy, and scaly patches on the skin. Infected psoriasis, on the other hand, is a more severe form of psoriasis that can cause oozing pus and other complications. In this article, we will share a success story of how homeopathic treatment helped Mrs. Jain recover from infected psoriasis.

Mrs. Jain, a 48-year-old female, cured infected psoriasis with homeopathy treatment.

Mrs. Jain, a 48-year-old female, came to our homeopathy clinic at Dadar with infected psoriasis. Her condition was severe, and she was scared. She had already tried allopathic treatment, and it only provided temporary relief. Her skin specialist prescribed steroidal cream and antibiotics, which cleared her skin within three weeks. However, after two months, the skin infection returned, and it was even more severe this time.

Mrs. Jain decided to try homeopathic treatment as she believed that it could provide a more permanent solution to her recurring skin condition. Our homeopathic doctors at Dadar studied her case and started her on homeopathic treatment for infected psoriasis. Within seven days of treatment, she reported a significant improvement of almost 40%. We continued with the same treatment, and in one month, her skin was back to normal, as it was before her psoriasis had developed.

It's been almost a year since Mrs. Jain's treatment, and we are happy to report that she has not had any recurrence of the condition. Homeopathy cured her of the roots of her condition and provided her with a permanent solution to her infected psoriasis.

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to medicine that focuses on treating the individual as a whole, rather than just their symptoms. This approach allows for a personalized treatment plan tailored to each patient's unique needs. Homeopathy also seeks to treat the root cause of the condition rather than just masking the symptoms.
In the case of infected psoriasis, homeopathy offers a gentle yet effective approach to treating the condition. Unlike allopathic treatment which relies on strong medications such as steroids and antibiotics, homeopathy uses natural remedies that are safe, non-toxic, and free from side effects.


before psoriasis foot treatment


after psoriasis foot treatment



Mrs. Jain's story is just one of many success stories in which homeopathy has provided a permanent solution to a chronic condition. If you are suffering from psoriasis or any other chronic condition, consider trying homeopathy. Our team of experienced homeopathic doctors is always ready to help you and provide you with the best treatment plan tailored to your needs. With homeopathy, you can finally find relief from your condition and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

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